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aubreystar's Journal

19 March
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  • aubreystar@livejournal.com
  • Aubkabob
This was my original journal, onceuponatime, back when i was young and naive. (check out the member number! woo!) Well, maybe not naive, but certainly at a MUCH different part of my life than i am now.

i left this journal long ago to head over to my new home: aubkabob. for daily ramblings and mishaps, that's where you would need to read.

but that leaves this old thing, no? what to do, what to do... friends over at the REAL journal suggested that i use this as a creative outlet, so that's what i shall do.

so much has changed since i began this journal in february of 2001. Thanks to livejournal, i now know where i have been, and can sort out where i'm going.

and thank you for coming along for the ride.
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