April 30th, 2002


the end of an era.

Last night found me perched on my couch, pouring through the classifieds. Geez, there's so much to choose from! grah. what do i want to BE when i grow up?!??

aaanyhoo, i sat through an hour and a half of Blues Clues.

Where Steve goes away to college, and he brings in his "little brother" Joe to take care of Blue and all his friends.

I watched. I scrutinized.

I had an idea that Steve was a little guy, but i had NOOOOOO idea HOW short until he was standing next to Donovan, who plays Joe, who was a WHOLE HEAD TALLER than Steve. Steve looked like a pigmy. *giggle* i wonder if he was frequently not recognized in public, out of his green shirt and walking around way shorter than the average adult. not that there's anything wrong with being short, mind you, it's just ... you could never quite tell how tall a guy is when he's surrounded by cartoons.

and, is it just me, but did steve look sickly thin??!?

and where is the show headed? sure Joe seems like a cool guy, fairly cute (specially in comparison), and seems to know how to relate to the kids, but he doesn't seem to have any of the "secret adult humor" that steve had.

I guess only time will tell.
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ever feel like your only existing friends are in make-believe? so to speak?

I remember being a teenager, and how my few friends (i was beyond shy, so never talked to anyone) had all dropped out of school and had nighttime jobs, and how the only people i related to were my penpals. I had about 125 at one time, and would usually get at least 5 letters a day. hee. talk about your mass marketing ;) but writing and venting my problems and beliefs to people on paper was quite theraputic. i'd spend free time in class writing them back, and would feel quite fulfilled through all those people that knew me, but didn't really KNOW me.

I'm beginning to feel somewhat the same with livejournal. Annette works a lot, so i never see here, and outside of lori on fridays at happy hour, and an occasional peyton fest, i don't feel i hang out with anyone anymore, although i definitely feel loved when it comes to you guys. a wonderful way to vent, just not have to do it 125 times :)

i haven't really talked to many of my coworkers for a week now. ericka is about the only one that is "cool" to me anymore, and she's gone to new york for a week. karen is cool, but she... well, she's much older, for one. she'll acknowledge me, but there's not the bond. said will talk to me only when he's certain irma isn't around. other than that, things are only said to me in a series of barked commands. *sigh* *shrug* i do have friends in other departments, but i never go to other departments.

ah, well. i love you guys. hee hee hee. oh, and the comics came back miraculously today. hrm.

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Hello everyone,

Crayon Sky is excited about our upcoming schedule, and hopes to see you this "CINCO de MAYO" weekend!

Friday May 3rd, we'll be re-appearing at the Backstage Bistro in Scottsdale, near the Civic Center plaza. The show starts at 9pm, but feel free to come earlier and enjoy the great food & atmosphere! Please come out to support us. For more information, check out the Backstage Bistro website at:

Cinco de Mayo (Sunday May 5th) - we're making our debut at Carlos O'Brien's annual Cinco de Mayo outdoor bash. It's a Cuervo sponsored event, so get ready to party and dance the evening away! We'll be playing a special selection of songs, just for the occasion.

Carlos O'Brien's, TEMPE
1125 W Elliot Road
(480) 940-0565


Hope to see you this weekend!

Annabeth, Chuck, James, Peyton, Tom, Amy, Clint, Brian, and Eric!