November 2nd, 2001


come one, come all to read about the liver damage one hath inflicted on Tuesday...

this finds me perched upon Chris' chair in La Jolla, returned from the cruise... We're staying in Sandy Eggo until tomorrow sometime, whence we shall return from our week++ vacation *happy sigh*.. Everette, Tiffany, Annette, and Si await Papa John's to deliver our din din at this late hour.. Mike's in the shower, Sandy Eggo Bob on his way over.

It will be quite awhile before I drink again.

The vacation was/has been wondermous, certainly what i need, as i have the "real world" to return to in just 2 scant days... tons of work to catch up on, that friggin nose/throat specialist to see on Tuesday to see if I need surgery to remove the "cysts" in my sinuses... *weary sigh*

but, as for now, i'm relaxed.

Let me tell you about formal dining night, the night we hit Catalina. I got my Wicky Whacked (special drink for all you pervs) a coupla times, plus some Kamakaze shots... at 3, we returned to the boat... on the tender, who plops down in front of me, but KODY, Peter Pan from last year's cruise... so he and i, and his roommate Matt, kick it by the pool and catch up, whilst I drink 3 half/half rum and diets.... Jason (who's gay) and Jill join us (both from phoenix, and Jason went to school with Brett of Brett and Jayson fame). We decide to try to sneak into the early cocktail party, so we go back to the cabins to change. During this, I consume TWO tequila shots. After joining the girls (kody and matt are gay, too), we decide it's too late, so we instead hit the bar, where another half/half rum and diet is consumed. we meet up with stacey and eddie (two partners from phoenix as well), and go to the cocktail party, where I consume THREE champagnes and a lime thingie.

Please keep in mind, that since i've been hypoglycemic, it now takes me a scant TWO BEERS to get me flying high.

we go to dining (dunno how in the world i GOT there), and i meet up with the crew. I remember trying to order, and how badly i wanted that egg roll. i remember chris telling me i looked nice. i remember posing for a formal dining Carnival photo.

I do NOT remember Bob and Si stuffing hundred dollar bills down my shirt and fishing for them. I do NOT remember posing for THAT picture (thanks to modern technology and digital cameras, i've seen it...)

i DO remember excusing my self to go potty, not being able to find the bathroom (i ended up on the other side of the ship), and then sitting on the toilet for OVER TWO HOURS and not being able to move.

i finally became ill a coupla times, and tried to make my way back to the room, praying that tiff was there, as i had left EVERYTHING (room key, purse, sweater, etc...) at the table, and dining was WAY over... I remember ending up on the Empress deck (two decks below, i dunno how in the world i ended up walking down stairs in my state...) and trying to take the elevator... hitting the button... the doors would open, i would turn around and throw up in an ashtray. this happened three, count them folks, THREE times.

tiff, thank GOD, was in the room... i crawled into bed fully clothed, nylons, sparkly dress, contact lenses and all.

the next day... *long, low groan* i had THEE WORST hangover in my life. even trying to drink anything days later made me feel ill (other than the initial EMBARRASSING marguerita drank, no wait, DOUSED down my throat amid whistles and penis-tipped stethescopes at Papa's and Beer in Ensenada...)

but, sorry to ramble. i wanted to share my pain with you ;)
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