April 30th, 2001


productivity? what? and on a MONDAY? bahaha!

okay, so I've been here at work for almost 2 hours so far, and what have I done? dinked on lj and with my email *sheepish grin*.. I truly need to get motivated. And I wonder why my commission sucks... *hmph*

I am gonna post a dream that my brother and I shared (okay, so it wasn't the same dream, but it had a lot of similar qualities, like our fear of not being able to help those in need)...

I found out that my friend Brandon (who will be on LJ as soon as he gets online again, I demanded it) does dream interpretation. He also now has a job at All About Books and Comics, so he can get me a cool discount on a ton of stuff *gleeful snicker*... Yes, my inner nerd is coming out. Just don't tell anyone *wink and a peace sign*. He did a couple of quick interpretations for me, and said he'll work on some of the others when he has time *whew*.. so now we'll all know why I'm having all these psychadelic oddball dreams. *hoping*

Oh, I remember what else I was going to share... at Circle K this morning, when I was getting my daily tub of coffee, some old man (like approx. 70) came up to me.. this is how the convo went:

Man: excuse me, miss?
Me: *glaring at him like "what do you want now?"* uh, yeah?
Man: I am trying to start of every day with a smile, it's my life's goal, so do you mind if I ask you a riddle?
Me: *grinning cautiously* Uh, sure...
Man: what was the Pilgrim's favorite music style?
Me: *grinning wider now* I dunno, what?

and with that and a little skip, he went up to the counter and bought whatever it was that he had come in to get. It's one of those situations that truly make me believe that my life is not normal. lmao...
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the dreams

okay, first, here's my brother, Brosely's, email to me:

i too had a strange dream last night....

i dreampt that i was younger, like nine or ten, but i was as smart and experienced as i am now. i was outside playing in my fort i had built with friends when i noticed this woman run inside of her house *it was our next door neighbor*, and shortly thereafter, her black husband *they were both black actually* ripped a lamppost out of the ground and took it inside with him, i could see through their picture window that he took the cords from the post and twisted them around her neck and threw her to the floor, i couldnt see anymore. so i ran inside the house to call 911 *we lived in a very nice beach house by the way* only to find out that you were on both lines doing cruise stuff *i remember hearing carnival's hold music*. so i ran outside to use the payphone, but they were all broken or already being used, so i finally found a phone that worked but it was ANCIENT and i had to take the hearing peice and listen while i talked into the box, and it was so old that it only dialed nine's and one's so it was ok for me to use. so i called nine one one and talked to the operator, gave her all my info and she told me to call back in fifteen minutes. i remember i was sooo angry that i had to call back. i dont remember what happened next except it involved me and my friends familys being really rich and doing rich things.....oh well

and here's my reply:

that is odd.. kinda remembers my dream where joe's dad had a cat swipe almost all his toes off, but no one would take him to the hospital, everyone was too busy getting ready for work or leaving for a date, etc., and meanwhile, joe's dad is bleeding profusely from three of his toes. I had dialed 911, too, but they didn' tbelieve me, so they called back and played 20 questions. I couldn't take him to the hospital myself, because i hadn't driven over there, so i was stuck sitting with him, totally helpless to assist in any way. except, whenever I would look down at the toes, I would realize that it was my own feet that had been injured, but I was in total denial.

That's odd that we should have dreams that would be so closely related.... I must post this on livejournal *tee hee hee, yes i'm addicted*... maybe it is related to mom, maybe not, but it seems that both of us have issues regarding feeling obligated to help someone or some situation, but we don't know how to go about doing it, that whenever we try, we run into obstacles??

any thoughts on the matter? anyone?
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going on a ... sea cruise.. hooey! hooey baybee!

I was talking with Si, and he asked if I had any plans for everyone's next cruise (those that didn't know me then, last Halloween, I went by myself on a Carnival cruise for four days and had a BLAST - met a little goth boy (yum!) and got to finally meet a bunch of cool people that I had been talking to here at work (the travel procection insurance company we use), and, on a whim, I checked the rates for THIS year's Halloween, and on a larger and much newer ship, it's TONS left - starting at less than $270 or so per person, including all the taxes and stuff! I WANNA GO! plans are in the making....

anyone wanna come? lol!
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