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Two songs that make my day at work when they come on the muzak. I don't know why, but no matter how stressful things are at that moment, the second I hear the first couple of notes, everything is swell again. I say "I don't know why" because the lyrics aren't necessarily the cheeriest.

You will always be able to hear me aisles away singing along.

Ben Folds - Landed

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This one I'm certain I've posted many times in many places:

Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body

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Honorable mentions:

Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
Keane - Everybody's Changing

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Jacob was the bass player that filled in for my old band (was Electric Doormat, now Mercury Tree) while James was away for awhile. Such a sweet person, and only 17.

Click on the flyer for details.

I would really like to go to this, so if anyone in my neighborhood is interested, I can pay for your tickets, should you provide me with a ride.

Much love,

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OK Go set to the tune of Ben Folds Five

I was going to post a video of Ben Folds Five's "Army" as that flipping song has gone through my head all night. BUT - in looking on the interwebs for something suitable to post, I came across this, which is from someone that perfectly lined up the video for OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" to BFF's "Army".

But I was really looking for this, which is one of the songs from the MySpace gig. I watched a ton of these when miss crushdmb posted them in her journal. It was the sheer joy and wonder on his face and body language of excitement that he displayed during the "horn section" part that made me really sit up and take notice of Ben. faetal had tried to get me into him ages before, but it never clicked until I saw how he was live.

Now I'm addicted.


Sloan Conglomeration...

Flying High Again...

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I believe I got each album, yes? Most recent to most ancient, no? All the way back to... '91 mayhaps? Possibly '93. Either way, I'm going grey at almost as rapid a rate as THEY are.